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Dear Colleague,

I know it sounds crazy, but WHO you are attracting is always yourself...

Everywhere you go. 

That's all there is, just YOU running into YOU. 

Imagine the craziness of it all. You suddenly show up somewhere and BAM, you end up meeting someone as if by magic. It's like, "how in the world did you end up in this same place, of all choices in the world?"

Maybe you've experienced this before. I hope you have. Because then you will recognize the fact that the odds of bumping up into someone who falls head over heels with you... just seems sorta random, doesn't it? 

Or, maybe you're like one of "the lucky ones" who gets attention everywhere you go... 

But you keep meeting the same dysfunctional person, time-after-time. One failed relationship after another. You see other people espousing how glorious their mates are... and, you are cringing inside because the last neurotic psycho you attracted bamboozled you?

Do you ever feel like the same "person" keeps tormenting you?

No, seriously, do you ever feel like the relationship ends up becoming another chapter of the same repeat pattern? You have to own the fact that you are the ONE always at the scene of the "crime" as it were...THE BOTTOM LINE IS: you are always sending SIGNALS to the universe. Your vibrational set-point is lining up the characters you meet.
I spent YEARS... from age 19 - 23 feeling isolated, alone and upset emotionally.

After that failed breakup where I lost my first daughter (had to give up complete custody after six years of dating her mother), it's like EVERYWHERE I WENT that pain projected. My entire life became one big giant lonely cycle, even when I was with lots of people.

You probably don't know this about me, but I was an exotic dancer during these years.
Having spent hundreds of weekends doing "parties" for single, married, and soon-to-be-married ladies, I got the privilege to learn the game. Truth is, I hated life with a passion. 

My struggle wasn't getting action or finding someone to take home. Instead, my despair led me to a few suicide attempts...because I felt so damn lonely inside. It felt like this world wasn't for me, and nobody loved me for who I really was inside. 

I'd be on tour and open up drunken wedding parties in packed bars, full of men and women. Being sober and witnessing the madness of society is what drove me to almost take my life. Seriously. 

One night, my 'baby mamma' was out at a college bar and I ended up on the street in a bar fight with a collegiate wrestler - that was a bad mistake. We were both fighting for her...while she loved it, my heart was so torn from losing my daughter and I still loved my ex, too. 

Interestingly enough, THE WORLD KEPT DISHING UP THAT SAME OLD PAIN throughout the years until I figured it out...

I looked at myself in the mirror one day and said, "Matthew, you are showing up in the world and nobody is to blame for your loneliness but you!" Hard to swallow after a few disaster relationships and nothing promising on the event horizon.

From Exotic-Dancer to Entrepreneur... My Journey to God.

When Elizabeth walked in my life, I began having spiritual experiences... including receiving CHRIST. The experience of inviting Jesus into my heart literally shot me back in my chair and made me question my entire reality. 

Here's my final "look at me, please give me attention" cries for help that I was shouting out to the world. My last year of dancing and I finally FIGURED OUT HOW TO ALLOW MY LOVER TO WALK INTO MY LIFE, I cracked the code - at last!

Let me tell you all about my discovery...

It was during all the ALONE TIME I SPENT sitting in my isolation where I began tapping into altered states of awareness. This is one of the secrets of 'flow-state' that I learned early on in life.

While I'd rehearse my upcoming weekend gigs and mess with all my music, outfits, and routines, I noticed there was a pattern emerging. My brain was learning a new trick: I could REMOTE INFLUENCE do to the heavy use of narcotics and amphetamines (I'm totally kidding, that was what almost killed me)...

It was while I was DOING THE OPPOSITE and tapping into DEEP-STATES of relaxation (where I'd spend hours each week), I grasped something extraordinary. I could simultaneously live between worlds!

My inner world was more close to me than the world of form around me. It got to the point where I was future-pacing myself to KNOW EXACTLY what each weekend was going to bring... my intuitive senses were becoming stronger than my physical senses. 

Not one in a million people will truly grasp what I just said, but you will -- soon, when you get access to this course material. I'm going to BLOW THE HINGES OFF YOUR MIND, I swear!

And this is when my first relationship miracle happened. I REMOTE INFLUENCED the dynamic of my current situation - showing up at the gym as my only social life. I was a one-trick pony. It was workout and then go home, read self-help books (hundreds of them) and visualize myself to sleep.


During the last phase of having bulimia and anorexia (yes, I struggled badly during these years because of how bad I disliked myself in the past), I decided that LOVE WOULD HEAL ME. I just knew it. 

So, I INFLUENCED MY ENVIRONMENT by doing EXACTLY WHAT I'M GOING TO TEACH YOU TO DO in this course... and after a few weeks, boom! Elizabeth walked right through the front door of that health club around 11:45 pm. 

She had just gotten off her second-shift job and we connected eyes... INSTANTLY in that moment, I knew she was the "one" who I influenced to manifest in my hologram. Yes, I knew exactly what I was doing.

The minute I read her energy signature, by feeling the subtle energy of how she resonated with me (they call this chemistry), I knew she was the angel that I summoned to appear in my life. She literally walked right through the door and we ended talking until 7am! 

Immediately after our talk, we went to her place and made love - right away.

It was straight out of a movie... the same life-script that you will be creating as we work together.

To make a long story short, Elizabeth was manifested in my world to HELP ME HEAL AND OVERCOME MY EATING DISORDERS and that's exactly what happened. I'll forever have a special place in my heart for her... she was a REAL SOUL MATE that I manifested, on command!

What happened to her?

Well, I then decided that there was A FUTURE BEYOND WHO I WAS and it was time to have a family. Elizabeth and I were starting to show signs of our chapter coming to a close... so I ONCE AGAIN USED MY MAGIC (trust me, it wasn't my looks... because I spent nearly three years PUSHING LOVE AWAY and attracting awful relationships - one after the other), and REMOTE INFLUENCED the LIFE-PARTNER who I could have a family with, Sabrina Jean!

Once I figured it out, I experienced two back-to-back EPIC wins!

...Fast-forward a handful of months, I was getting married to the MOST MAGNIFICENT woman I've ever known - Sabrina Jean. Obviously, this was the greatest achievement of my relationship manifesto (for a host of reasons). 

Today, people ask me all the time how "I got so lucky." Truth is, it was a FORMULA that I used that worked twice in a row as if I was born under a lucky star! For the first time in my life, I'm willing to share this strategy with others...
Look, you can't make this stuff up. 

Here's how Sabrina and I got together. It's straight out of a LAW OF ATTRACTION MASTERY book...

I begin DOING THE ONE THING YOU MUST DO to create the "inside game" of MANIFESTING the ideal someone, and I narrowed it down real specific. Holy man did I do a great job. 

As I was SIGNALING THIS OUT TO THE WORLD, in a few weeks (once again, it wasn't long) a friend of mine brought her girlfriend to meet me at Pedro's Mexican restaurant. We were doing a network marketing meeting - my friend wanted me to recruit Sabrina on our team. 

The minute she sat down and we met eyes... I knew. She knew. It was the "odd" feeling where you both have a little secret (we've known each other for many lifetimes, like this kinda feeling) going on inside. 

Well, if that didn't perk up your interest, wait until you hear what happened next...

Sabrina decided NOT TO JOIN THE COMPANY (at least not that night) and well, that was that. Or so it seemed. You see, I didn't know this consciously at the time, but MY INNER-WORK was SIGNALING SO STRONG that I moved "mountains" to make her mine -- all at the unconscious level. 

One night, just randomly, I drove in from Sun Prairie, WI to Madison... about a twenty minute distance. I was walking in the grocery store to get some protein bars. And, guess who happens to be bumping into me at the checkout line? 

Yah, Sabrina!

She was thinking, "holy shit, this guy is stalking me." 

Truth is, my NON-PHYSICAL SIGNALING was luring her into my realm so powerfully that neither one of us had a clue what was happening. But, as before, I knew that this technique I was doing was SO DANG POWERFUL THAT IT HAD TO PRODUCE RESULTS. 

Guess what? Sabrina just happened to be $8.00 short at the checkout and I was happy to offer my loan to her (for her three children; we always laugh about this being the unspoken agreement). 

But the biggest crazy part is... we both walked out together to the parking lot. This parking lot is about five football fields and we had our cars parked right facing each other. She was in shock and so was I, so we agreed to exchange numbers.

The story gets even stranger, and I'll let you know that right upfront. But, you see, when you begin SIGNALING THIS WAY and REMOTE INFLUENCING your world around you... very powerful things line up for you along the way.

One night, I went out with Sabrina as friends and ended up kissing her friend on New Year's eve. Hmmm... I wasn't planning on it, but it happened (under the influence of alcohol) and it was probably just the jealousy Sabrina needed to take a big interest in me... and, the next weekend, my good friend A.J. said he was going to move in on Sabrina and ask her out -- I was thinking, "no way you are!" 

We both got a massive dose of FEAR OF LOSS (from the universe, like a magnetic force drawing us past our resistance) and then, that magical night happened...

Elizabeth and several friends were with us, we all went out as a group. Elizabeth was about as drunk as it gets and she was like, "Matthew, let's stay at Sabrina's house tonight and crash here with everyone else." 

I agreed, mostly because we had all been drinking. And, this is when the craziest part happened. Get this...

As we all laid down, I suddenly woke up a few minutes after nearly passing out and walked right over to Sabrina's bed and crawled in, snuggled her and fell asleep. 


Here's the deal, if you haven't gotten the point by now...



Today, Sabrina and I joke about us being like "Led Zeppelin" as a dynamic. We function in a way that VIRTUALLY EVERYONE WISHES THEY COULD - in business and in parenting our children. 

Now, that's not to say times haven't evolved us both. 

And, it's not to say that LIFE LESSONS DIDN'T COME TO MATURE US in ways that we couldn't have imagined... I'll be the first to admit, without her in my life I wouldn't have survived Lyme disease.


If you leave it up to chance or luck, you'll probably keep doing the same patterns...

I submit to you there is a better way.

I'll teach you to do EXACTLY AS I DID and SIGNAL TO THE WORLD exactly what you demand!

This isn't a game of "can I really have my special someone?"

That's weak.

It's a FACT OF LIFE that YOU ONLY RUN INTO YOU wherever you go. 

So if you feel like all the partners suck or the lack of partners sucks in your life...

It's because YOU SUCK.

And, that's okay. Because we will change that. Fast!

Sign up TODAY, or don't.

It's completely up to you.


Matthew David Hurtado
The Minister of ALLOWING

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