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"A Tithe Covenant is PROOF That You TRUST The Invisible Hand of God to Support Itself - Through You, As the Expression of Divine Prosperity!"
From the Desk of Matthew David Hurtado
Written on June 6th, 2018
Dear Colleague,

The invisible hand of God never ceases to amaze me... I've recommitted my financial life, year-after-year, to God - through the power of a Tithe Covenant.

Since all substance is God's and we are asked to PROVE GOD in Malachi 3:10, I've surrendered the "work of God" (who, what, where, when, why, and how) by TRUSTING the process of my highest excitement. Moment-by-moment, I follow the 3...2...1 process that has been given on my website at http://www.MatthewDavidHurtado.com.

The TITHE is the most powerful weapon you have against "negativity" - it births faith, expectation, and trust. These are currencies... flow of energy... a picture of your REAL BELIEF; you either believe in prosperity or you don't. Prosperity is your birthright. It is your natural state-of-being. Although it is a PROMISE in the Bible, very few people have the courage to "lean not on their own understanding." Instead, they deny FAITH and turn to human logic -- this was a disaster in my experience. 

"A moment of FAVOR is worth more than a lifetime of labor." - Dr. Mike Murdock. The formula is simple: HONOR flows up and FAVOR flows down. A Tithe Covenant is your PROOF that you HONOR God, by offering your first and best 'fruits of your labor'. The Tithe is the sacred tenth - 10%. It allows you to live by the DIVINE SEED PRINCIPLE.

Email my office at: sealintelligence@gmail.com or call 1.888.550.8231 if you'd like to receive a physical Tithe Covenant mailed to your home address or office. 


Make a contract between you and God. Sign it. Store it. Commit to it. JOURNAL YOUR RESULTS and prepare to receive!

Your correspondent,

Matthew David Hurtado
The Minister of ALLOWING
1.888.550.8231 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

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