Almost Complete...
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You can spend years training your mind, reading books, and attending seminars on financial success - or, you can spend 5-minutes-per-day or less. Before you know it, a few weeks pass by and YOU'RE PROGRAMMED FOR A RICH, HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL LIFE!

Which path do you want, long and painful study...

  • I was bedridden-and-bankrupt with Lyme disease.
  • First, I built a six-figure income (in 30 days).
  • Next, I built a seven-figure income in a few short years.
Is that fast enough for you?

I mean, not everyone will experience results like I have achieved... but what's really possible? If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you be, do, and have?

I was bedridden-and-bankrupt with Lyme disease and I built a virtual overnight
7-figure-lifestyle out of thin air
- in a few short years...

More realistically, I manifested a "SUDDEN SIX-FIGURE FORTUNE" from a moment of insight that just "popped in my head" one day. When I say "sudden" - I'm talking about within 30 days!

If that doesn't convince you, what I told you that I've done this MULTIPLE TIMES since my discovery has taken place? Once may be considered "luck"... but, when it repeats again and again, it's a STRATEGY. 

How is this possible, you ask? 

I turned it over to my UNCONSCIOUS MIND and ALLOWED it to happen.

Look, before this all began -- when I had never experienced any real success, financially speaking -- I didn't have a clue how anything worked online.

You have to understand, where you are now is probably much more cozy than laying on the couch all day, dying with Lyme disease...with no job, no friends to lean on, and no money to fall back on for "safety." 
"Seriously, Pay NOTHING and Get This TRAINING - RIGHT AWAY!"
(Before I Take it Down and Remove it Completely From The Internet).
Almost Complete...
Everything changed when I made a DECISION to say "YES!" 

I was ready to learn how my unconscious mind works, and began a daily process for TRANSFORMATION - just like I'm about to share with you.

Now, I'm not asking you to buy anything upfront...

You don't have to make any unexpected purchases today - I'm going to TRAIN YOU COMPLETELY, with no damages to your credit card statement.

Fair enough?

In fact, I'm going to PROVE THIS WORKS by taking whatever problem you're losing sleep over and DISSOLVING THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE - IMMEDIATELY. 

Even if you've been stuck for years, this can still work for you. Today.


Sound good to you?

I want you to GET RESULTS in your life, RIGHT AWAY... 


What am I asking from you?

I'm going to require 1 HOUR (maybe a bit longer) of your time, so I can show you why THIS POWER YOU ALREADY HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE INSTANTLY has been hidden, looked-away from -- get it WORKING FOR YOU (instead of against you).

If this sounds like it's worth the investment of your time, I now want you to hear what others have said about my ability to TRAIN YOU and TEACH YOU...
Results Working With Matthew David Hurtado:
(All testimonials are past attendees of The Spiritual Millionaire Workshop).
Charles increasing household income by $50K...
Vernita is pain free... after years of suffering.
Sylvia transforms her health, finances, and relationships!
"Imagine, WHO Will You BE... Living the WEALTHY Life You Deserve?"

The LuXur Transformation is "Top Secret"...

I'm going to ask you to KEEP YOUR SECRET TO YOURSELF and DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION with others. I prefer to KEEP THIS RESERVED FOR A SELECT GROUP OF PEOPLE... who I know will benefit RICHLY & HAPPILY walk away from financial struggle, for good. (Some people aren't ready for this step, they need more time to evolve and deal with their hardships to WANT to let these issues go). 
"You, Happy, Smiling, Energetic, INFLUENCING OTHERS With Your New WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS?"
-- Imagine Being Able to Help Others - Health, Relationships, Money...It's ALL Covered With This SIMPLE Strategy!
So, how would you like to be happy, smiling, energetic, looked at on your social media as an influencer? ...Naturally drawing others to you with magnetic charm!

Imagine being able to help others, just like you, who have been STUCK IN LIFE - whether it's health, money, or's all TRANSFORMED with 1 SIMPLE Strategy.

It takes 5-Minutes-Per-Day or Less!

You'll learn a DAILY HABIT that I call The LuXur Transformation Strategy.
"This 5-Minute-Per-Day TRANSFORMATION
Takes 1-Hour to Learn & a Few Days to Master!"
The LuXur Transformation Strategy will take you about an hour to learn... and a few days to completely master...

Completely changing the way you approach life by learning a NEW DAILY HABIT. Daily habits determine your destiny!

I've discovered this strategy to go BEYOND ANY SIMPLE TECHNIQUE I've ever learned in POTENCY and EFFECTIVENESS. We're talking about producing LIFE CHANGING RESULTS.

It works by repatterning your UNCONSCIOUS MIND in a way that REMOVES THE VERY PROBLEMS standing in your way.

The more you repeat the process, applying this simple strategy, you'll forget you AUTOMATICALLY DO THE TRANSFORMATION PROCESS...

That's right, by conditioning this NEW BEHAVIOR - you won't even have to think about your problems again. You'll be PUTTING THE POWER OF YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND to ATTAINING YOUR DESIRES, instead.

Remember, sign up to WATCH THE WEBINAR...

You'll soon be GETTING TRAINED TO USE THE LUXURY TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY and changing your life, forever.

If you're like most people, you'll use this TO BECOME PERMANENTLY WEALTHY and then, you'll use it for other things...

Like manifesting a harmonious relationship with someone "stubborn" or even letting go of a physical challenge that limits your freedom of expression.

To Your Uncommon Success & Permanent WEALTH Consciousness!

Your Correspondent,

Matthew David Hurtado
The Minister of ALLOWING
#1 International Bestselling Author
* This information is for education purposes only. Not intended to be misconstrued as financial advice. No income claims are made or guaranteed.
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